During the last years of pandemic many have had to change their habits to work smarter and more efficiently. Society has now reopened, and onVisit Invite prepares you for the new challenges that come with it. This is the recipe for Norway's most modern reception and visitor management.

After a long period with a lot of home office, most people have to wait to return to the office. This also means that meeting activities increase, and new guests must be received in a safe way. Many have used the period to adapt their work habits to new times, with new modern solutions. Safety, infection control and infection tracking have become part of most people's everyday lives. In the meantime, the onVisit team has worked hard to make our customers ready for the new everyday life. We are launching now onVisit Invite - a modern solution that ensures workflow and security for both guests and employees.

A familiar scenario for many; you should receive a visit, and send out an invitation in Outlook or your mail client. Furthermore, it may be necessary to report to the reception, the guest will in some cases pre-register. The guest arrives at the reception and signs in on a screen, or in some cases even a guest book. A visitor note is printed and the host is notified either via the system or by the receptionist. This has been a common way of receiving guests for many years, despite the fact that it involves a lot of manual duplication of work. Wouldn't it have been easier to have only one system to deal with? Preferably a system you already know and are comfortable with? onVisit Invite is the solution.

It is comfortable not to have to change habits too much. You can therefore continue to work in Outlook or the email client you prefer. With onVisit Invite you send a regular meeting invitation, just like you are used to - the difference is that this is all you need to do. onVisit takes over the job from here, and makes sure to give the guest a modern and not least safe welcome. The guest receives an invitation and is given the opportunity to fill in their details in advance. Before the visit, the guest receives all necessary information - meeting time, address, map, parking info and a QR code for non-contact check-in. Infection-friendly, guest-friendly and effective.

Modern locks

Let guests check in and out with a QR code

Take it a step further

This means that the guest arrives safely and well prepared, human contact is minimized, and your job as a host is easier than ever. Arriving at the reception, you may have locks or gates that guests have to go through? No problem, with onVisit Lane Service the guest can easily scan in and open the lock with their QR code. Thus, one more touch and manual job is eliminated. At the same time, you have a full overview of who has been visiting and when - an important step in effective infection tracking.

The benefits are many and good:

  • Employees save on duplication of work
  • Employees retain their familiar habits
  • Guests meet prepared and well-informed
  • Infection control is taken care of
  • Effective infection detection
  • Professional and impressive first impression

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