onVisit Lane Service

onVisit Lane Service provides the ability to control locks and doors using QR codes from onVisit. Guests can open the locks by scanning a QR code from their mobile phone or with the visitor's tag. With onVisit Lane Service, it becomes much easier to keep track of who is actually in the building at any given time.

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When guests arrive at the reception, you can choose to have them check in through the locks using a QR code they have sent to their mobile. Alternatively, they can first register on onVisit, and then check in using the visit slip.

On the way out, the guest easily opens the lock in a similar way - and is at the same time automatically checked out by onVisit. This way you have full control over who is inside the building, and the evacuation lists are kept up to date. onVisit Lane Service thus contributes to a solid boost, both in terms of HSE and user-friendliness.

Lane Service can be used on many different types of locks, doors and other access barriers. Contact us to clarify how we can resolve this with you.

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