Main features of onVisit

Get a quick overview of some of the most used services in onVisit

guest Registration

The self-service guest registration relieves the receptionists and reduces the waiting time at the reception. In unmanned or partially manned receptions, information is provided about common services that the reception provides, such as deliveries of goods, taxi orders and timetables.


Guests can be registered in advance of the visit to simplify the reception. Pre-registration is available to receptionists and other staff through a simple web app.

Notification by SMS and email

The guest recipient is automatically notified by SMS or email when the guest arrives. You can choose who receives the notification, for example it can be sent to the assistant.

Identifies the guests

The nameplate and any parking permit are printed on labels. The labels can be customized with eg. logo.

Access to guest network

The guest network service gives the visitor easy and fast access to the corporate guest network. Access information is sent via SMS. The service can be expanded to support guest networks from most providers, including from Cisco and HP (ClearPass).


onVisit gives you a full overview of who comes and goes. The nameplates show who are the guests and in an emergency, the evacuation list shows who is visiting. Can also be linked to access control and locks. "Panic button" for receptionist can be activated.

Visits over extended periods

The duration of the visit is entered into onVisit. Guests who visit over an extended period of time easily scan in and out and release and register multiple times.

evacuation List

In an evacuation situation, the evacuation list is used to give an overview of who is visiting. Contributes in addition to good HSE routines.

Keeps overview

onVisit can send a reminder to the guest recipient or others if the guest is still registered after the end of the visit period. Easy overview of who has valid access to guest parking.


A wide range of reports provides a good and simple overview of history and visitor frequency. Take them out in Excel to sew it together with other information.

Always updated employee information

Automatic updating of employee information ensures that the employee overview is updated at all times.

Unattended receptions

The self-service registration is well adapted to unattended receptions and can e.g. inform about goods delivery, timetables and taxi bookings.

Office hotel

Tenants in office hotels can be grouped under one company so that it is easier for them to receive visits.

Check in with QR poster

For those who want a completely simple solution, check-in via QR code on the poster is a perfect alternative.

Taxi booking and timetables

Order a taxi directly from onVisit through taxifix. Timetables for buses, trains and other public transport are also easily accessible.

Group message by SMS and e-mail

With onVisit, it is easy to spread important information to groups of guests. Perfect for infection warning.

Integration and customization

onVisit is built on the latest generation of web technology and can easily be integrated with the company's other systems such as. salaries and staff, Tidsystem, access control and locks.

Start as simple as possible. If needed, the services in onVisit are expanded with a wide range of additional modules such as: multiple receptions, large group management, scanning, guest card management and dynamic allocation of guest network access. Read more....

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