Sometimes it is necessary to deal with many guests at once. Without a good plan and sensible routines, guest groups can create chaos, clutter, waiting time and frustration. Here are the tips that will ensure that the seminar, meeting or event starts in a smooth, efficient and safe way.

It all starts with to get an overview of the participants, and to gather this information in one place. Do you already know who to join? Gather information about the guest group in an Excel sheet, preferably in the Excel template you find in onVisit. Guest data should include name, mobile number / email, company name (if applicable), time of visit and any comments (eg allergies or other considerations). Is it not clear who will participate? Send out a simple registration form. This reduces the workload, and ensures that an overall overview of the participants is automatically generated. Google Forms og Microsoft Forms are good tools for this.

When the list of participants is ready, the next step is to transfer the data into the visitor system. This is easily done with the Excel sheet you now have available. This video shows how it is done, step-by-step. Now most of the work has already been done, and the rest is about giving visitors the most smooth and efficient experience possible. The next steps ensure that the lobby is never again filled with uncertainty, frustration and unnecessary use of time.

Registration form

Example of registration form

How to ensure flow

Information is an important keyword for a successful management of guest groups. onVisit has built-in features that make it easy to keep guests up to date. Start by sending guests an invitation. A single keystroke in onVisit ensures that guests receive SMS or e-mail with the most important information; date and time for attendance, address, directions, parking information and description of what to do at attendance. The latter is a critical part of the process. When guests arrive at the reception, they have already received a QR code and information on how to use it to check in. It's the end of time when you have to look through a large pile of name tags, or contact an overworked receptionist. The guest scans easily QR code from his mobile. Within two seconds, the visitor's note has been printed out - and the guest is registered as having arrived. The entire check-in process is complete in a matter of seconds!

Sometimes situations arise that make it necessary to disseminate information in a simple and fast way. This can be both before, during and after the visit. Maybe the meeting time or program has changed, or maybe it should just be informed about lunch. With onVisit's smart group management, customized information can be sent out - either to the whole group at once, or to individuals. Here, too, the whole process is done in a few seconds. The use of time and resources in connection with meetings and seminars is suddenly reduced to an absolute minimum.

Tip! Send out access to WiFi guest network in advance for even better prepared participants. This can be sent to all guests, or only those in need. Also works with dynamic guest network!

With smart solutions and good systems, you can make receiving large guest groups a smooth and impressive process. This benefits everyone - the company's use of resources is dramatically reduced, the needs of the guests are taken care of better than ever, and the company appears to be a neat and professional organizer.

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