Many companies need to give their visitors an introduction to the current HSE regulations and guidelines for their premises. This can apply to both external workers and other types of visits, preferably in production premises or other sensitive areas. With the onVisit visitor system, this is seamlessly integrated into the visitor process.

How such important information is best communicated to visitors depends on both the scope of the guidelines and how the visit is carried out. Here we will present our tips for various ways to ensure safe information transfer to visitors to your premises. We start with the simplest solution, where visitors receive HSE information on arrival.

Upon arrival

In most cases, visitors will register in a visitor system on arrival. This is a good opportunity to convey important information. If all visitors register on arrival, it can also be ensured that everyone receives relevant HSE information. In onVisit, HSE rules can be integrated directly into check-in. Visitors will then read through the guidelines, consent, and then complete the registration. Different regulations can be presented for different types of visits, so that a distinction can be made between, for example, external workers and regular visitors.

Need for input from the visitor

In some cases, it is desirable that the visitor fills in a form, or in other ways answers questions related to the visit. onVisit supports solutions such as SurveyXact, which means that this can be solved directly on the visitor screen.

If the regulations are more extensive, or in the form of a video, it is not certain that it is suitable for presentation on the visitor's screen. In such cases, we suggest the following alternative solutions:

  1. The guest is automatically sent a link via SMS after checking in. The link takes the guest to a page with HSE information, which the guest can access using their own phone. This also frees up capacity at the visitor screen for other guests.
  2. A separate screen presenting HSE information is placed in the reception area. Here, several pages of information can be displayed alternately, or a video can be played in a loop. One info screen works great for this purpose.

Before arrival

If there is a need to convey the information before arrival, we recommend sending this by e-mail or SMS in connection with pre-registration. onVisit can send out useful information to visitors in advance of a visit, including attendance time, address and contact information. HSE information can also be included here.

You get the smoothest experience by combining this with onVisit Invite. All you need to do is invite the visitor to a meeting in e.g. Outlook, then onVisit handles the rest, and sends out the necessary information in advance.

HSE message

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