Old vs new system

Why do older systems need to be replaced?

First-generation visitor systems are characterized by the fact that they were installed many years ago, and that little has happened to the solution since that time. At the same time, the world has developed further, with new requirements for security, new threats, new technology and more modern equipment. Privacy rules have changed, and the same applies to user needs and user experiences. Outdated systems thus entail both a risk in terms of security and privacy, while at the same time giving guests and employees bad experiences and first impressions. Do you still have an older visitor system? Here we go through what you need to know.


Few areas develop faster than IT, and unfortunately the same applies to threats and security challenges. The security risks we face today are of a completely different nature than just a few years ago, and IT systems mustn't is updated continuously to keep up with new threats. Data breaches and hacking can have fatal consequences for any business. Nevertheless, we still see companies with visitor systems that have not been updated for many years, which puts them in a vulnerable position.

Privacy and GDPR

Most people have caught on to the extensive changes around privacy that have taken place in recent years, especially with the introduction of the GDPR. Extensive controls and strict consequences for breaches of the regulations have been announced. Traditional visitor systems lack the functionality to handle the new requirements. This leads to companies violate the current regulations, and often have to do extensive manual work to delete personal data. We believe that employees and guests deserve to have their personal data handled in a responsible manner.

Lack of support

Many experience great challenges in getting help and support from their suppliers. This is often linked to the fact that the development of their visitor system has been de-prioritised in recent years, or that the investment in the system has been discontinued altogether.

Outdated functionality and poor first impression

Older systems that have not been updated often have one user interface that belongs to another age. This goes beyond both employees who work with the system, and not least visitors who will use it. Welcoming visitors is a unique opportunity to make a good and professional first impression. If a business wants to appear modern and future-oriented, it is no use welcoming its guests with old and outdated technology.

Problems with updating employee lists

In order for registration to go smoothly, it is important to always have up-to-date employee lists. In most systems, this happens automatically when new employees start, or when someone leaves. Many people with outdated systems, on the other hand, struggle with this, and often end up with incomplete lists that are updated manually. Newer data sources such as Azure AD are also not supported.

Terminal for registration

What is the solution?

Fortunately, these are problems that are easy to solve. Changing the visitor system is usually done within a few days, with absolutely no downtime. Choose a solution that ensures your needs, both today and in the future:

  • Continuous security updates
  • Safe handling of personal data and GDPR
  • Easily accessible and effective support
  • Modern solution that gives guests a good first impression
  • Automatic handling of employee lists


Replacement of old visitor system

Do you recognize any of the descriptions above? We are now running a trade-in campaign on the old visitor system. Replace their outdated solution and get:

  • 3 months with onVisit free of charge
  • Free training
  • Discount when replacing old equipment


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