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Most of us use Outlook or other calendar services to invite to meetings. In the past, it has been common to do this in addition to visitor registration - either by pre-registration or manually at the reception. With onVisit Invite, duplication of work is over. Just send invitation in Outlook - then onVisit handles the rest.

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News! onVisit Invite can now be used with loop Booking. Pre-register guests and book meeting rooms at the same time!

onVisit Invite is one of the biggest news we have ever launched, and is ready to make your everyday life easier. You may be familiar with the following scenario: In advance of a meeting, an invitation is sent out through Outlook or another calendar. In addition, the guest must be registered in the visitor system, either manually on arrival - or through pre-registration. What if these manual processes could happen by themselves? onVisit Invite is the solution.

When you need a visit, you simply send out an invitation through Outlook or your calendar. Invite onVisit to the meeting, and Invite will fix the rest of the job. onVisit Invite registers all your guests, and makes sure to keep them updated with meeting details, maps, parking information, and QR code for non-contact check-in. If any details are missing, guests will have the opportunity to register this in advance. This ensures an efficient and safe check-in at the reception.

With onVisit Invite you can:

  • Get rid of manual duplication
  • Keep familiar habits with invitations in Outlook
  • Provide guests and staff with peace of mind with non-contact QR check-in
  • Ensure that the guest receives all the necessary information for a successful visit

Requirements for onVisit Invite: onVisit cloud service version 5. Office 365 or G-suite


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