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All activities in Adaptive AS must be in line with the ethical guidelines, which set expectations for our business practices as a company and for the individual employee's personal behaviour.

  1. Integrity and honesty:
    We are committed to acting with integrity, honesty and fairness in all our operations, and maintaining high ethical standards.
    We must be open and honest in all communication with customers, partners, employees and stakeholders.
  2. Customer orientation:
    We put our customers' needs and interests first. We must deliver high-quality products and services that meet our customers' expectations and needs.
    We must be responsive to our customers' feedback and continuously improve our solutions based on their feedback.
  3. Privacy and data security:
    We respect and protect the privacy of the individuals who use our solutions. We must collect, process and store personal data in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations.
    We shall implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that the personal data we handle is protected against unauthorized access, alteration or disclosure.
  4. Ethical use of technology:
    We will develop and offer technological solutions that respect ethical guidelines and promote social benefit.
    We shall avoid the development or implementation of technology that may harm privacy, promote discrimination or violate applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Diversity and inclusion:
    We value diversity among our employees, customers and partners, and we are committed to treating everyone with respect and dignity.
    We must maintain an inclusive work culture that promotes equality and diversity, and discourages discrimination based on gender, race, religion, age, functional ability or other characteristics.
  6. Sustainability and social responsibility:
    We must take environmental, social and economic factors into account in our operations and strive for sustainable practices.
    We must be good citizens and contribute positively to society through cooperation and support for charitable purposes.


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