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Time to try one unattended reception?

This year's big trend is fully digital and partially serviced receptions. onVisit takes care of the routine-based tasks, so that their employees can spend their time on what really matters. 

Visitor registration for the large, small or unattended reception

Create a safe, modern and efficient digital reception with onVisit visitor system

Non-contact check-in

Take care of their guests and staff with efficient and hygienic routines. Guests are easily invited into Outlook, and check in securely with a QR code on their mobile.

Increased security

Keep track of who is in the building at all times. Easily extract evacuation lists and history

Digitize the routine tasks

Use their resources more efficiently. onVisit handles notification of visits, WiFi for guests, item delivery, taxi ordering, timetables and much more.

These trust us


Oslo council

Key facts


Cost reduction

Estimated, unmanned reception

30 000

Visitors daily


Companies and commercial buildings

AAA rating
Gasselle company


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Non-contact mobile check-in


Non-contact check-in for guests and staff


Check in through locks and doors


Notification by SMS and e-mail about visits

Experience onVisit Invite

Invite from Outlook - fast check-in with QR

Discover the possibilities

Explore the possibilities in Norway's most powerful visitor system

onVisit mobile guest registration

Fast and hygienic

LoopMeeting panel for meeting room booking

Improve utilization

Self-service reception with onVisit visitor system

self-service is well-staffed

onVisit visitor system universal design

This year's big trend

Are you looking for a hero single solution?

onVisit Express is the perfect choice for those of you who need a simple but powerful visiting solution. SMS notification and full self-service.

Our services

Modern visitor registration
Local support
Infection tracking and warning
Guest access to their WiFi
Open locks and doors
SMS and email notifications
Evacuation lists
Guest groups and seminars
Outlook integration
Azure AD & AD
Self-service reception
Non-contact check-in

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