onVisit Access

Integration with access control

With onVisit Access, the visitor system can communicate seamlessly with their access control system. This allows guests to easily pass access barriers and doors with QR and PIN codes. Furthermore, you get one overall evacuation list for everyone on the building - both guests and employees.

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Integration with access control

onVisit Access ensures seamless integration between the onVisit visitor system and several types of access control systems. This allows for, among other things:

  • Let guests open gates and doors easily with QR and PIN codes
  • Joint evacuation list - gather all information about people in the building in the same place
  • Assign profiles to guests in the access control system so that they only have access to specific areas
  • Eliminates the need for guest cards - visitors use QR or PIN codes
  • Can be integrated with other systems such as e.g. elevators

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