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onVisit Express for small and medium-sized businesses

1.690 kr price e.g. VAT

Let onVisit Express take care of your guests! onVisit Express sends you an SMS when your guest has arrived. If you are late for the meeting, you can easily report back that you are on your way. The electronic evacuation list is in line with good HSE routines.
When guests need internet access or Wi-Fi voice, they receive an SMS with login information.
onVisit Express cannot yet serve coffee to guests, but handles most of the tasks at the reception in a service-friendly and safe way!
Includes SMS subscription and up to 600 SMS notifications per year. All you need to get started is a Windows Tablet / PC with touch and an internet line. We help you with starting and training.
onVisit Express can be upgraded at any time to onVisit Online or onVisit Enterprise.


Price kr. 1690, - pr. mo.

onVisit visitor registration

In stock (can be ordered back)

onVisit Express includes the following key features:

  • Self-service guest registration adapted to Tablet / PC with touch
  • Notification to visitor reception by SMS or email
  • Includes SMS subscription with up to 50 SMS per month
  • Simple feedback from SMS notification if you are late
  • Static guest network where the guest is informed by SMS
  • evacuation List
  • Parking registration
  • Pre-registration of guests
  • Overview of today's visit
  • visit History
  • Automatic check-out by guests
  • Employee overview with contact info and pictures
  • Importing employees from Excel and easy maintenance of info on the web
  • Norwegian and English language
  • Delivered as a cloud service, we handle the operation
  • Includes up to 25 employees, expandable

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SMS notification

Includes SMS subscription with up to 600 messages per email. year.


Ongoing subscription with 3 months notice.

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delivery time

Usually within 5 business days of ordering


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