Many companies and organizations have introduced visitor systems where visitors register, but all probably do not reflect that this personal data must also be processed in a proper manner.

By Tom Backe

- Having a book at the reception where visitors can sign up is not good enough. Then anyone can browse and see who visited the business, who they met and when. Old automated systems where data is stored forever are not good enough either. There is a strict regulatory framework for this type of personal information as well, and in connection with the introduction of GDPR, we find that an increasing number of people now want to do this, says Christian Inngjerdingen in Adaptive.

In the visitor system, onVisit, which Adaptive has delivered to over 700 companies, visitors register with names and phone numbers. The information is automatically deleted after a certain period of time, unless the visitors agree that the information can be stored.

- The data is digitized and will no longer be available to everyone. The company looks good and gives a good first impression, and also signals that you also take both privacy and security seriously, Inngjerdingen concludes.

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The article was originally printed in the appendix to Finansavisen «Cyber ​​Security» by Mediaplanet

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Christian Ingjerdingen

Christian has a background in Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU, and has 6 years of experience in creating future-oriented and user-friendly receptions for a wide range of companies in the private and public sector.


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