Important with safety
Therese Olsen is head of administration at Basefarm and is very happy about the collaboration with Adaptive and the onVisit visitor system. - We wanted a visitor registration system that would give us both security and control in relation to visitors. It should be easy to use, and we also wanted to give our guests a professional reception. The choice fell on onVisit on Touchscreen and we have not regretted it. Both our visitors and employees are very happy with the solution, says Olsen.  
We wanted control over the visitors
Fredrikstad municipality chose onVisit for visitor registration. The main point for us was to get better control, and higher security around visitors in the City Hall, says Turid Johansen in Fredrikstad Municipality. We have got that too. We have not experienced theft since the start-up, and we find that our customers are mostly willing to sign up, but we spend some time showing / helping. Case managers must fetch, and must also follow the customers out, this is not as easy to get checked. We are currently working on a function to "book" hours if customers arrive, it could also be interesting to have it linked to the absence registration system. We experience Adaptive as responsive and committed to constantly improving the product. They were chosen because they met our requirements at a reasonable price.  
Customized user interface
Easy and clear visitor interface. And very well, the solution is designed to be able to use touchscreen. We got the user interface tailored to our wishes. When setting up at multiple offices, it is easy to get help and there is minimal work as only adding more receptions. Good follow-up and easy and get assistance if anything. There has been nothing wrong with the solution, so it only needs assistance with questions about using administrative functions or setting up new ones. Reports are easy and easy for administrators, says Lasse Rognes of Swecos about the onVisit solution. Sweco is an international company offering interdisciplinary consultancy services in engineering, environment and architecture. The Sweco Group is one of the largest players in Europe, a market leader in the Nordic countries and with strong niche positions in Eastern European countries.
Schlumberger with info booth
At Schlumberger, the choice on onVisit as a visitor registration system competed with several other suppliers. onVisit is installed at an info kiosk and provides a professional reception for all visitors. It is part of the story that Schlumberger is well pleased with the solution and feels that they have received a more professional reception for those who come to visit. Learn about Schlumberger here...
Guest registration meets stringent security requirements

- We had onVisit guest registration installed in November 2014 when we needed a system that could register our visits, as well as function as a reception. It has worked very satisfactorily. The system is user-friendly and we only get positive feedback from our guests. Our company also has strict security requirements, and with onVisit we always have an overview of who is with us. Everyday life has become easier with this solution, says Anne Hauge in Presens.

Presens AS is a measuring equipment manufacturer based in Oslo. They operate in the production of measuring, control and navigation instruments.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of guest registration

Works well for us
Weatherford Norway has very good experience with the onVisit visitor system The system works well, it takes a short time to register visitors. We think it is easy to find former visitors and both registration and pre-registration are easy, so better than this it cannot be, says Arne Langerud in Weatherford Norway.

Weatherford Norge AS

Weatherford Norge AS was established in Stavanger in 1974. At that time, the parent company Weatherford had already performed assignments on the Norwegian shelf since 1968. Today, Weatherford is one of the largest and most important players in oil service on the Norwegian continental shelf. Both recruitment and acquisitions of companies with strong competence environments have contributed to growth in high technology and advanced services. Weatherford has approx. 70.000 employees in more than 100 countries.  
Flexible and professional visitor registration
- We have obtained a flexible and professional visitor registration with onVisit. It works well for our customers and visitors. The system is easy to use and easy to update when changes occur. Adaptive has followed up on the delivery from A-Å, and has contributed to the fact that this has worked very well from day one, says Kristian Føyen, Marketing Manager at DNB Commercial Property. DNB Nieringseiendom has long experience in assisting customers with rental of premises, renegotiations and consultancy etc. DNB Neringsseiendom offers premises and properties for rent, and manages approx. 1,2 million sq.m. office buildings, shopping malls and hotels.
A very good result
Marine Harvest had been through a merger and put together three different intranet solutions, says Rune Hegrestad. None of the people we sat with were relevant candidates in a sequel. Since we had already started implementing MS SharePoint for traditional collaboration (project sites, document storage, etc.), it was natural for us to choose SharePoint as technology. For me / us, it was important that we utilized standard SharePoint in this implementation. I then approached Microsoft for a list of candidates where I could be assured that ONLY the standard was used, and Adaptive was then recommended from MS. Adaptive delivered a very good result in the intranet project and other SharePoint projects we have had, we expect that they will continue to be a good partner for us in this area as well.
A good product
ASCO Norway delivers total logistics solutions or individual services to the oil and gas industry, and has entered into a collaboration with Adaptive on onVisit. - We are very pleased with the solution we have received. onVisit visitor system is a good product, clear and easy to use. We have received a lot of praise from our customers and it is very nice. We also feel that the service from Adaptive onVisit is good, says Roy Arne Rygh, who is It & Business support supervisor in Asco Norge as. Read more about Asco Norway here...
A flexible reseller portal
Leif Madsberg in Subaru Norway chose SharePoint. Subaru Norway has launched a new dealership portal to simplify the work processes and everyday life of car dealers. SharePoint is used as the entrance portal for each dealer where you will find all information, news, market material etc. In addition, we also give the dealer the opportunity to go in and find cars in stock, spare parts and more. This saves time and reduces the need for several steps in the sales situation for the dealer. - We are in the business of selling cars and providing the best customer service, and it is then crucial to have flexible tools, solutions and partners, says Leif Madsberg, CFO of Subaru Norway.

Subaru Norway

Subaru Norge as is an import company with Subaru as a sole agency, and also has ownership interests in several dealer companies. Subaru Norway has a very well-developed sub-warehouse located on Skytta just outside Oslo. Subaru Norge has 30 employees who safeguard the interests of customers and dealers, as well as conduct extensive training activities for the dealer network both on the sales and aftermarket side. Read more about Subaru Norway here...
Electronic forms for Standard Norway
Adaptive enters into an agreement with Standard Norway to deliver a new solution for electronic forms. We will deliver a new version of the solution that uses the latest version of Adobe LiveCycle ES to generate and secure the PDF forms. The solution, also called eBlankets, is an online service that both individuals and companies can use. Here you buy the right to fill in a number of copies of the form, as well as a printout of these. Adaptive will deliver a new version of the solution that uses the latest version of Adobe LiveCycle ES to generate and secure the PDF forms. Completed forms are stored in an archive so that you can retrieve previously completed forms at any time, or create new ones based on previously completed ones. Adobe LiveCycle ES is a platform with the ability to plug in a variety of services related to PDF documents, such as generating and filling out PDF documents, retrieving data from completed forms, setting rights and rules for use, assembling and dismantling PDF documents, as well as create workflows for the document processes. For more information on what Adobe LiveCyle ES is, click on this link.

Standard Norway

Standard Norway is a private and independent member organization that was founded on 24 June 2003, but has roots dating back to 1923. Standard Norway has approx. 75 employees and is located at Lilleaker in Oslo. Standard Norway publishes Norwegian Standard. Norwegian Standard is a trademarked word mark.

Membership in Standard Norway is open to companies, organizations, authorities and others. Learn more here... 
User friendly visitor protocol
Dolphin Drilling AS is a company in the Fred Olsen Energy ASA group, and has since its establishment in 1965 gained extensive experience in operating drilling rigs offshore all over the world. The company has entered into an agreement with Adaptive onVisit. -We only have good experiences when using the onVisit visit protocol. It is user-friendly and has good features, such as. distribution of access to guest networks, says Svein Bjørnstad, who is IT manager at Dolphin Drilling. Read more about Dolphin Drilling here...
Adaptive delivers document solution to Yara
Yara - the world's largest supplier of mineral fertilizers operates worldwide. The logistics department has to handle many different types of deliveries and the requirements for quality and efficient time consumption are great. Deliveries to different countries and markets around the world involve different and sometimes complex document requirements. Adaptive has entered into an agreement with Yara on the development of a document system for the Logistics Department. Adaptive develops a document solution that meets all national and international document requirements, in addition to flexibility in relation to new documents based on different modes of transport, different markets and specific customer requirements. All documents are pre-filled with data from the various production and loading systems at the same time as a market coordinator or logistics employee can correct if changes occur and supplement with additional information if necessary. This can be loading information, times for loading / unloading, changed recipient, supplementary product information and more. The system has high demands for integrations, uptime and flexibility. - It was important for us to have a system that ensures efficient document production and document processing in connection with our deliveries. That different types of documents can be linked together in document sets, and that the documents can easily be distributed to different partners in the logistics chain on different media is important to us, while at the same time ensuring the need for change easily and efficiently. Flexibility and efficiency are a crucial prerequisite for us and we feel confident that we now have a new document solution that can meet our requirements and prerequisites in an appropriate way, says project manager Lisbeth Horn Bakken in Yara Porsgrunn. The document system is developed in .NET, where a web-based interface controls the workflow and presents data from the underlying systems. The documents are presented in editable PDF forms, where the combination of static templates and dynamic forms is taken care of. This is solved with the Adobe LiveCycle Forms server and the employee only needs a free Adobe Reader on the workstation. Advanced printing is solved by Adobe LiveCycle Output.


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