LoopSign Info Screens

LoopSign is a solution that makes it possible to present useful and inspiring content in an incredibly simple and intuitive way. Choose from large amounts of finished content, which you can easily tailor and adapt to your own needs. The result is a professional, stylish and beautiful info screen - with dynamic and captivating content.

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LoopSign enables anyone to build a professional and delicate info screen, without any prior knowledge or previous experience. Never before has it been easier to present content in a welcoming and completed way. Divide the screen and present important information, weather reports, news, photos, videos and even an overview of available meeting rooms. LoopSign is closely integrated with LoopBooking and LoopMeeting, which means that you can view an overview of the status of the meeting rooms in real time.

Content may include:

  • Company presentation and branding
  • News
  • Weather
  • Meeting Overview
  • Photos and video
  • Real-time traffic and schedule information
  • canteen Menus

And very much more. The content can be customized from your own PC, so it's easy to keep your screens up to date with current issues.


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