Tracing of infection is an important part of the work to limit the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Norwegian companies are required or encouraged by the authorities to contribute with infection detection. At the same time, it is important that privacy and confidentiality are safeguarded. Here are the tips that provide effective and good infection tracking and warning.

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The most basic element of infection tracing is having control over who has been present. Guests are registered and stored with contact information in case a need for notification arises. Et visit system is perfect in this context, and at the same time provides benefits such as notification by SMS and e-mail about visits, updated evacuation lists and infection-friendly check-in.

Furthermore, it makes sense to inform guests about current regulations, and use one self-declaration. Visitors can then agree that they have no symptoms, are not in quarantine and that they are familiar with the guidelines. If these requirements are not met, guests should not be allowed on the premises.

History and reports must be available, so that in the event of an outbreak of infection, it is possible to trace who has been present during the relevant period. Employees are normally handled through an access control system, while guests are handled in a visiting system. This storage of data shall take place in accordance with GDPR, which entails, among other things, obtaining consent, anonymising / deleting data and the right of access.

In the event of an infection situation, it must be easy to notify affected persons. This can involve both guests and staff. Modern visitor system, which onVisit, has this as a built-in feature.

Briefly summarized

  • Keep control of visitor registration
  • Obtain contact information for notification
  • Inform about regulations
  • Self-declaration
  • History and reports for infection tracking
  • Notification in case of infection

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The solution

A modern system for visitor registration ensures a comprehensive and easy handling of infection tracking. In a common system, you can register guests with contact information, track infection in a simple way, and notify if necessary. For many, it ensures complete self-service, and significantly reduced risk of infection. At the same time, the system will ensure that current regulations are complied with, such as for the GDPR for personal data.

For many, such systems have become a natural and central part of everyday life even before the pandemic, and even more have started in the last year. Systems such as onVisit are very affordable and most get started in a week's time. The combination of increased security, professionalism, cost-effectiveness and social responsibility is behind the explosive growth in the use of visitor systems in recent years.


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